Friday, February 8, 2008

tOSU haters...going the extra suck at life

The UM fan seen above knocking off bank in FLA, strikes again!

tOSU haters send fake letters to recruits...classy

What sort of classless asshole would send letters to high school kids telling them their scholarship was taken away and that their would-be head coach wished them "good luck". What kind of total trash would do this? UM fans surely would say, the same trashy fans who piss in beer bottles and throw them at UM fans in Cbus...can't disagree with that I suppose but this is really going the extra, albeit felonious, mile. Seriously...what is wrong with people? I would like to know who hates tOSU THIS's college sports people, if you want to commit a crime(mail fraud, simple fraud?) please try to make money out of it...I'm sure a judge and/or jury would probably be more lenient on a clown who went criminal for cash rather than to defraud a high schooler...again, classy.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Some UM blogger pushed me to this...

To be fair, can we assume that football pre-1950 was not exactly relevant? Sure, I can understand why you would not want to consider this, seeing as the majority of the UM program's success came pre-1950 but honestly, do those numbers really have anything to do with your current program? More specifically, does that have anything to do with anything but the 10 year old sweatshirts you wear with your "NC years" on it? Regarding split championships...that is what they are...split, noted as so.
I give you statistics...
Post 1950
tOSU (2) consensus National Championships ('68, '02 BCS); (4) split National Championships ('54, '57, '61, '70)
UM (1) split National Championship ('97)
So Ohio State has 6 claimed Championships since 1950 and two of them are %100 inarguable.
Michig@n has 1 claimed championship since 1950, which is also claimed by Nebraska
One of the best parts about this is that Michigan State...yes Michigan State, has one consensus Championship and two split! That’s three claimed NC's...ouch UM, ouch.

What have you done for me lately?
Yes, tOSU has lost two straight NCG's...and that made their BCS record...
4-2 (wins: '99 Sugar, '02 NCG Fiesta, '03 Fiesta, '05 Fiesta; losses: '06 NCG, '07 NCG)
1-2 (wins: '00 Orange; losses: '03, '04 Rose)

(years are listed as season, not bowl date)

I respect UM but I can't understand the arrogance. The "we are the greatest" shit should probably get some actual meaningful wins behind it sometime this decade, just maybe.
Bring your hate to Columbus, 11/22/08, good luck.

TP wants tOSU, pops wants PSU

Apparently...I stress the distrust...Terrelle Pryor was going to sign (on NSD) with tOSU until his dad pushed him to wait and look into Penn St. further. My first thought is...why would a dad push his son to look at a program that literally has nothing better than his son's actual choice? What does PSU have to offer that tOSU does not? Pryor has already said "I can't see myself in a place like [Happy Valley]."

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

tOSU loses out on Brandon Harris

Harris picks Miami, FLA

He went ahead with the theory of "anything worth doing, is worth over-doing" by throwing on the helmet instead of a hat. At least the kid put on a suit to be on TV, I'll give him that. Not to say I didn't see this coming but I was holding out some hope for him. I thought maybe the DB factory at tOSU would bring him in but Miami isn't exactly not putting DBs in the league, a solid choice if you like warm weather, terrible facilities and a stadium that is...not your own. Again, since I have been a cold weather person my whole life, I can't under estimate the "warm weather" factor.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shameless Pryor Content!!

Photo courtesy of Greg Tarr
© Observer-Reporter

I won't bore anyone with my speculation about TP. I will serve up some columns that have popped up in the past hour or two.

The Free Press article is just ammo for the "Shocking Recruiting Coup!" story they are poised to run Thursday morning. Setting up RR for the "upset recruiting victory" stance is not quite as bad as the "Terrelle Pryor is a Corvette taking, tOSU bribe taking, dirty cheater" BS that was being spewed on UM blogs in weeks leading up to this craziness. So if UM gets Pryor, what about the Corvette? I began by promising that I would not bore you with speculation; however, I am blowing that out of the water. I say TP is a UM lean in all honesty. The "Corvette" incident was a way to prepare an explaination for the UM program savior losing such a "perfect fit" superstar. If they do get TP, he and RR should get working on their gameplan for 11/22/08.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Keith Wells to be a Buckeye

The 6'5'', 235 lb, one-time Florida State commitment, has verbally commited to play for tOSU and JT. Scout lists Wells as a 4 star DE and has noted for his explosiveness to the ball. The commitment continues JT's hot streak and could be a piece in one of the highest rated recruiting classes ever at tOSU, quite a strong statement. In light of the current verbals and the possible addition of certain 5 stars, who will remain unnamed for jinxing purposes, could be far and away the top class of the last 5 years, for any school.

Giants shock Pats...reward zero former Bucks.

Normally, if tOSU lays and egg in the College season, the Super Bowl can bring some condolence to tOSU nation by shelling out rings to former Bucks. Congrats to all the former tOSU players who will get a ring from that shocking upset...a total of zero. A tall task for the Giants, seeing as tOSU is the highest producing NFL program currently. (53 total players, 48 active)

In a close second
MIA FLA (51 total, 48 active)
UM (45)
FLA (38)
LSU (35)
USC (31)

Even more tOSU draft love, in the 2004 NFL Draft, 14 Buckeyes were drafted, a record number for any school in a single draft.

Vernon Ghoston (picture above, handing out free tickets to the gun show) will be the next tOSU first round selection.

Here are the former tOSU players currently on NFL rosters...
Will Allen, Tim Anderson, Rodney Bailey, LeCharles Bentley, David Boston, Bobby Carpenter, Drew Carter, Adrien Clarke, Nate Clements, Na'il Diggs, Mike Doss, Simon Fraser, Joey Galloway, Chris Gamble,Ted Ginn Jr, Terry Glenn, Marcus Green, Andy Groom, Anthony Gonzalez,Roy Hall, Ben Hartsock, A.J. Hawk, Santonio Holmes, Kevin Houser, Josh Huston, Michael Jenkins, Mike Kudla, Nick Mangold, Donnie Nickey, Mike Nugent, Shane Olivea, Orlando Pace, Kenny Peterson, Ryan Pickett, Quinn Pitcock, Antonio Pittman, Robert Reynolds, Nate Salley, Darnell Sanders, Anthony Schlegel, Darrion Scott, Rob Sims, Will Smith, Troy Smith, Shawn Springs, Alex Stepanovich, Mike Vrabel, Tyson Walter, Donte Whitner, Matt Wilhelm, Dan Wilkinson, Antoine Winfield, and Ashton Youboty.
Players like Bam Childress are on the practice squads across the league but are nearly impossible to track.

Please, feel free to waste your time looking up who is active/who is not, only to try and disprove the above listings. Players such as Kevin Everette (TE, BUF, MIA FLA) are still on the roster so take that for what you will. Bottom line, tOSU is a NFL factory, not to say other programs are not but clearly there is a leader.